9 Functional Tips For An Effective Colorado Pressure Washer Service and Repair Maintenance

December 11, 2019

Why do you need to give your pressure washer routine maintenance?

Pressure Washers used in cleaning pavements and driveways. (Image Source: Happy Body Formula)

Taking care of our equipment for work such as pressure washers is a key aspect of your machine’s smooth performance. This is one thing that you do to keep them working for a long period and to stay efficient in its performance. Providing routine maintenance can prevent any possible machine breakdowns.

Hence, it will avoid any unnecessary inconvenience as well as costly repairs. You can guarantee that the equipment can survive hundreds of usage of hours. So, what routine maintenance can give to your pressure washers to keep them working efficiently for a long time?

Tips To Keep Your Colorado Pressure Washer Service and Repair Maintenance Effective

Pressure Washers can be used in cleaning many areas or other machines and pieces of equipment. It is best to keep them properly taken cared of.

The following are some tips that you can apply to provide effective routine maintenance for your pressure washers:

Frequent oiling or lubricating of pressure washer parts

Ideally, you constantly lube your washer. You can use any pressure washer lube cans from the nearest hardware and attach it to the inlet.

Thus, you need to let it run until the water coming out on the outlet is full of lube. You can perform oiling or lubricating after using your pressure washer. This can also keep your equipment from rusting.

Regular pump oil changing

Always empty the engine oil before storing your pressure washer then replace it with a new one. This would allow all the other parts of the engine to get oiled.

This type of equipment normally only lasts for 200 hours of usage. You always have to make sure that its engine is good.

Routine maintenance check-ups for the engine

Typically, a pressure washer comes with only a 25-feet cord. It would be ideal if you buy a 50-feet cord.

It can avoid the constant shutting down and move off the pressure washer. This is true when you need to reach a farther surface as it wears out the engine.

Ensure the compatibility of the hose connectors

Regular lubrication on the hose connectors is quite a good practice. The constant use of the pressure washer may lead to the hose connectors to wear out.

The best types of lube for hose connectors are silicon-based. It is mostly compatible with the various materials used for them.

Releasing the pressure

For an easier way to start your pressure washer, release the pressure first by pulling its pressure washer trigger. This is the action will lower the resistance of the pump.

Frequent soft cleaning

Avoid using strong cleaning or bleaching solutions to your pressure washers. Most of its parts are quite delicate and need to be handled with care. Use the kinds of cleaning solutions that are compatible with the parts.

Fuel stabilizers usage

It is highly recommended to use fresh gas when running the pressure washer. Always avoid storing gas in it when not in use.

When starting it up, use fuel stabilizers along with the new gas. Some examples are gasoline stabilizers as it would help your engine to live longer.

Accessory careful handling

Knowing which kind of hose is good for your pressure washer. The amount of pressure required to use is quite a good practice. It will help your equipment parts not to wear out fast and work efficiently.

Professional help-seeking

There can be instances that even if you have done all the tips for an effective pressure washer routine maintenance. It is a potential problem with your equipment.

In such cases, it is best to seek professional help. Check for any pressure washer routine maintenance services near you.

Where To Go For Pressure Washer Maintenance In Colorado?

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