What is WaterMaze?

WaterMaze offers a complete line of water recycling systems for many different applications. These systems are low maintenance and cost effective making them the perfect choice. Designed specifically to cater to each customer’s specific wastewater management situation. We’re proud to carry WaterMaze branded products. Get yours today!

Water Pre-Treatment

​Water treatment systems should include sufficient water pre-treatment before introducing industrial wastewater to other filtration systems. Water conditions may even require filtering free-floating oils or heavy solids or simply adjusting the water pH.


​Coagulation and flocculation helps to remove suspended particles or emulsified oils from water. When combined with other technologies, it can produce exceptional water quality with minimal maintenance and successfully treat a broad range of waste streams.

Mechanical Filtration of Wastewater

The design of mechanical wastewater filtration systems is to remove suspended viscous oils and/or solids from water. Be sure to confirm the water quality for the intended application use and go with a system that removes a sufficient amount of particles. It’s good in this case that these systems can handle anything from sewage treatment, to wash water treatment, as well as anything else your situation requires.

Separation of Oil/Water

Oil-water separators and their filters can be applied to areas where oils are floating on the surface of the liquid.

Biological Remediation

​Live microbes are added to help the breakdown of organic and carbon based molecules. Basically, this creates a wastewater bio-digester that is capable of rendering organic compounds into carbon dioxide and water, which is harmless compared to the original product. These types of treatment systems are considered user-friendly, and an economic method for treating particular types of water.

Water Evaporation and Reduction

​Water reduction leveraging WaterMaze wastewater evaporation technology can provide significant savings and a reasonable return on investment time frame. We have a variety of water distiller systems available for whatever you may need.

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