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Founded in 1969, today Landa is the premier brand of industrial pressure washers in North America. With more than 250 authorized dealers, Landa boasts the largest independently owned dealer support network of any pressure washer brand. Besides offering a full parts and service department, by being a Landa dealer we at PSI Systems, Inc. are well schooled in the sometimes-complex formula of combining the right pressure washer with the ideal detergent or accessory to produce the fastest, most effective cleaning solution for your application. We also offer on-site demonstrations to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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When making a commercial washer pressure purchase invest in a LANDA and you will never be disappointed. Over the last 40 years LANDA has worked hard to become one of the premium pressure washer manufactures in North America, and here is why.

Quality: Since the beginning LANDA has set out to build a pressure washer that raised the bar for quality standards, and LANDA was one of the first pressure washer manufacturers to be certified to the internationally recognized ISO-9001 quality standards. With quality in mind, LANDA machines are built tough and are built to last, and with an industry leading 7-year high pressure pump warranty, it is easy to see why LANDA is the right choice for commercial grade pressure washers.

Safety: When using a pressure washer it is important to always consider safety to ensure that your employees are working with equipment that, when operated correctly, is safe and not a danger to themselves or others. With safety in mind, Landa was the first pressure washer manufacturer to certify its entire product line to the UL-1776 safety standards to provide maximum protection to the operator and owner.

Innovation: Working out of a state of the art manufacturing plant in Camas Washington, Landa’s reputation for engineering and innovation is legendary in the pressure washer industry. From the slide-out service platform, designed for a more efficient maintenance of the high pressure pump, and award-winning spinning spray bar for aqueous parts washers, to the lancom wireless remote system capable of operating a pressure washer up to 300 feet away, Landa set the standard, then raised the bar for every other cleaning equipment manufacturer in North America.

Since 1985 PSI Systems, Inc. has been the only authorized LANDA dealer in Southern Colorado. We are proud to carry the a large line of LANDA pressure washers. We can order a machine built to suite your needs, and in most cases we can deliver have delivered within 7 to 12 business days.