Reznor Waste Oil Heaters

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Waste Oil Heaters

RA/RAD Series Models 150 & 250 WASTE OIL HEATERS

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates Or Reduces Heating Bill
  • User Friendly
  • Quiet On-board Air Compressor
  • Automatic, Precise Fuel Metering
  • Patented Oil-preheating System
  • Thermostat Controlled Operation
  • Easy Installation
  • Csa Certified To Ul Standards
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
TECHNICAL DATA Model RA (Fan-Type Unit Heater) Model RAD (BlowerType Unit Heater)
Size 150 250 150 250
BTUH Input* 150,000 250,000 150,000 250,000
Oil Usage (Gal/Hr) 1.06 1.78 1.06 1.78
CFM .25” ESP - RAD only 1600 2850
Air Throw (9-ft suspension) 50ft (15M) 65ft (20M) 50ft (15M) 65ft (20M)
Fan Dia./Pitch & Blower Size 18-30° 24-28° 12-9 15-11
Flue Size (inches) 8 8 8 8
Approximate Net Wt (lbs) 320 370 360 430
Approximate Shipping Wt (lbs) 380 440 435 520


RV 225 & 325 Venrution Used Oil Fired Heaters

Recycling Center Image
Recycling Center

In addition to ceiling suspension, unit may be supported on Heater Stands attached to the Model OT250 Workbench Fuel Tank. This complete Used Oil Recycling Center brings heat close to the floor, allows easy access to the heater and provides a convenient workbench area. Workbench Fuel Tank and Heater Stands are optional.

Metering Pump Image
Metering Pump

Positive Displacement Pump, standard on all Reznor Heaters, meters oils of various viscosities for consistent combustion performance with no adjustments necessary. Reznor is the industry leader in controlled fuel flow delivery!

Swing-out Access Image
Swing-out Access

Easy access to full Combustion Chamber/Heat Exchanger, Nozzles & Electrodes, via Swing-out burner end of unit. Both ends open completely for quick, complete cleaning … the industry’s easiest!

Operation Hour Meter Image
Operation Hour Meter

A quick reminder of your heat savings and unit maintenance requirements.

On-Board Air Compressor
On-Board Air Compressor

The On-board Air Compressor with easily replaced Air Filter eliminates the need for expensive shop air, especially during after-hours and weekend operation. Turn off the big expensive compressor … you don’t need it with a Reznor Heater!

Back-Flow (Ash) Sensor Image
Back-Flow (Ash) Sensor

A unique feature, only offered on Reznor Used-Oil Fired Heaters. Continuously checks for free flowing exhaust ventilation for uninterrupted heat. A positive reminder to clean unit.

Model RV 225 325
Input Heating Capacity BTUH (kW) 200,000 (58.6) 280,000 (82)
Nozzle Input GPH (Liter/Hr) 1.43 (6.5) 2
Motor HP 1 2
AMPS Full Load 19 20
Air Volume (free air) CFM (M 3 /min.) 2300 (65.1) 3450 (97.7)
Air Volume with .25” w.c. ESP CFM (M 3 /min.) 2100 (59.5) 3200 (90.6)
Air Volume with .5” w.c. ESP CFM (M 3 /min.) 2950 (83.5)
Air Throw @ 9 ft (27M) ft (M) 70 (21) 95 (29)
Blower Size 12-9 12-9
Flue Size (inches) 12-9 12-9
Approx. Net Weight lbs (kg) 360 (163) 475 (215)
Approx. Ship Weight lbs (kg) 560 (254) 715 (324)

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