Pre-Scheduled Maintenance


Check & Correct Preventative Maintenance Plans

maintenance plans

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New and old customer of PSI Systems, Inc. can now take advantage of our “Check & Correct” preventative maintenance program at discounted rates.

Diagnostic work to be completed on each visit:

Check & Correct

  • Drive belts for tension and wear
  • Pressure and temperature levels
  • Pump oil level
  • Burner for proper operation


  • Coil for soot and lime deposits
  • Fuel Filter for dirt and soil deposits
  • Nozzles for damage and wear
  • Hoses for breaks or leaks
  • Couplers for O-ring wear and coupler damage
  • Pump for proper operation

Additional Services

  • Test unloader valve for excessive wear
  • Check and clean/replace oil filter (if applicable)
  • Complete minor adjustments; clean-up as required
  • Inspect fuel tank for condensation and dirt

Preventative Maintenance Service is recommended every (3-6) months.


Cold Water Machines: $109.99
Hot Water Machines: $139.99


30 Day Material and Workmanship Guarantee

Offer valid for those customer residing in Colorado Springs, CO only.

*Rates are calculated as per machine, per visit with special considerations for customers with multiple machines

Service Calls

Service call made not in connection with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance and as requested by the customer shall be billed at the following rates:

$95 Local Service Call

$95 per hour labor + parts