Understanding Pressure Washers and Where to Get Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

June 12, 2019

We understand how difficult it is to clean. Even though you may have tried and tested many methods, they seem to not work or not be enough. There are really surfaces you cannot scrub enough. With pressure washers, dirty exteriors will turn into sparkly ones.

Power washer

Terms to Remember

There are terms to remember to help you better understand the system.

PSI means pounds per square inch. This is basically how much pressure the machine is able to produce. So, the larger the PSI number is, the pressure created is much stronger.

GPM refers to gallons per minute. When the number is higher, the less water efficient the washer is.

CU just stands for cleaning units. The computation for this is PSI multiplied by GPM. when the CU is greater, the machine is producing more power.

How They Work

To use one, we must first understand how it works. This is to prevent any mishaps while cleaning. This is a pressure washer we are talking about after all.

Washers that use pressure to power themselves use gas and/or electric motors to operate their functions. They are able to produce 1,000-3,00 PSI. The pressure is intensified due to the narrow opening the water comes out of called the spray wand.

To help you understand better, PSI Colorado Springs will be of help to you.

With these intense pressure, you are now able to clean even the toughest dirt on exterior surfaces.

Lower end machines can generate less power, so they’re good for some light washing. Things like cars would respond to lower end models better. But if you’re really looking to clean walls and such, higher power is required of the machine.

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Using Them Safely

High pressures mean clean surfaces. But they can also mean damaged property if not used correctly. It is pertinent you know how to use it safely. Here are ways you can do so.

  • Always read the manual to fully understand your machine
  • Protective gear is a must in order to be safe. So that if anything goes awry, you have a layer of protection.
  • Protect the surrounding areas to avoid damaging other items in your home or office
  • Keep your hands on the designated areas only. Do not put your hands somewhere else as this may lead to injuries.
  • Do not use ladders when doing pressure washing as the force may knock you off the ladder
  • Choose the correct nozzle to use for different surfaces to avoid damages
  • Invest in attachments for the washer. Because the pressure washer is so versatile, it can practically clean any surface. But, you need the right tools to not cause damage.

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Where to Find More Information on Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

But, if you’re still having difficulty with your pressure washer, there are pressure washing places in Colorado Springs that can help you better use your machine. Visit us through our site!