Commercial Floor Maintenance: Tips on How to Vacuum Floors Effectively

June 17, 2020

Every brick-and-mortar business has one thing in common — foot traffic. Obviously, consumer-orientated buildings like retailers, medical complexes, and office buildings get more, but just the movement of employees in any business will bring in dirt, mud, and other gritty matter (like salt in wintertime) that will wear away carpets and flooring. This fact just proves that floor maintenance should be one of the things to prioritize when it comes to taking care of your business establishment.

This article lists some of the top tips in vacuuming and maintaining the flooring of your business.

Floor Care Tips on Vacuuming

Clean floors are important to areas with high foot traffic. (Image Source: Pixabay)

There is no question that the flooring is the widest area of coverage that needs to be cleaned in a commercial building. Not only that, it is the most used area or part of the building. So how do you maintain it with minimal hassle? You can have your maintenance personnel use vacuum cleaners and pressure washers from firms that offer pressure washer rental Colorado Springs wide like PSI Systems Inc. Aside from that, you can let them observe these tips on how to better maintain the flooring of your building:

Vacuuming Method Variations

Slow and steady might win the race for some, but for a business establishment trying to cater to customers for a whole day and at random times, the pace when vacuuming needs to be quick and efficient. To be thorough, don’t push the vacuum in only one direction; change it up so you can get all the dirt you might have missed. This is especially important when cleaning carpets. maintain the flooring of your building:

Calculating the Vacuuming Frequency

Frequency means how often you must vacuum a certain area. This will depend on three things – the total area, the amount of immovable furniture or items on the floor, and the foot traffic during operating hours. Listed below are some good guidelines to follow:

  • Daily Vacuuming – This should be done in high-traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and break rooms since these places are naturally the most used.
  • Weekly Vacuuming – This should be done in areas or rooms that aren’t used as much as the aforementioned, but are still used frequently like conference rooms, executive offices, or boardrooms
  • -3 Times per Month– Offices and spaces that only get less-to-moderate use like hard-to-reach spaces as well as nooks and crannies can be vacuumed when the need arises or just several days per month.

Choosing the right vacuum is an important factor in floor maintenance. (Image from Unsplash)

Choosing the Appropriate Vacuuming Equipment

No matter how much you fix your method and frequency in vacuuming, you still won’t succeed without the right equipment for the job. Here are some options you can choose from:

  • Upright Vacuums – These are great for tight areas, offices, and smaller jobs. The BD 35/12 C BP is a suitable option that we at PSI Systems Inc recommend.
  • Wet Dry Vacuums – Vacuums like the BD 50/50 C Classic BP can be used on dry areas like carpets and other types of floorings. Recommended for restaurants and factories as it cleans up liquid spills too.
  • Industrial Vacuums – Ideal when cleaning large rooms and corridors that get daily use. A large-area vacuum like the BD 45/22 C BP is perfect for these types of areas. PSI Systems Inc has some quality industrial vacuums to consider.

If you’re looking for these models or even services for pressure washing Colorado Springs, you can check this link to see what we have to offer you. We not only provide different kinds of vacuums, but we also repair and maintain commercial cleaning equipment. Don’t hesitate to call us at (719) 636-3388 if you have other questions about our cleaning equipment service and repair solutions.