What Pressure Washer to Rent for Your Business

October 30, 2020

Different kinds of pressure washers are available for rent for different types of businesses. The key is to know which one fits your needs in order to avoid overspending on rental costs and not maximizing the use of the machines.

Find below the different types of pressure washers and see which one is best to rent for the cleaning task you want to be done.

Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer

This type of pressure washer is best for cleaning outdoor areas that have large and flat surfaces. Examples of these are wooden decks, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. So, if your business premises is looking like they are in need of a good, deep clean - a surface cleaner pressure washer can solve the problem. Improve curb appeal and boost your standing in your customers’ eyes with clean business exteriors and parking lots!

Make sure to rent a surface cleaner pressure washer that is efficient and uses less water but able to cover a wide area. This way, you can quicken the pace of the cleaning and achieve professional results. When choosing the right machine, check for a cleaner hood. This will minimize overspray, which eliminates any additional cleaning.

Cold Water Units

Cold-water pressure washers are best for breaking up soil and dirt and can be used indoor or outdoor. If your factory, for example, receives high foot traffic or if delivery vehicles constantly go in and out - then grime may stick stubbornly on the floors. To effectively remove the dirt, a cold water pressure washer is up for the job. Covered driveways and parking lots that need proper cleaning will also benefit from it.

Aside from outdoor and indoor surfaces, this type can be used to remove mud and dirt from metal vehicles. Boat owners find this useful as well. Wooden and plastic flooring surfaces and sidings are easily cleaned too and the cold water that comes out of the pressure washer won’t warp those surfaces. Adding detergent to the mix is also recommended for better results.

The downside to using a cold water unit is that it is only super effective in breaking up soil and dirt. Unfortunately, it won’t be effective in getting rid of grease and oil. That’s where hot water pressure washers come in.

Hot Water Units

When cleaning kitchen utensils coated with grease and cooking oil, most of us will use hot water. The same principle applies when cleaning building surfaces. But since it is impossible to manually clean those surfaces with a pail of hot water and soap within a decent amount of time, hot water pressure washers become immensely valuable.

Most of the time, hot water pressure washers work the same as cold water units. The difference is that they will have burner systems that are responsible for heating the water up as they leave the pump. As such, these units are often bulkier compared to cold water types. The hot water coming out of them can reach as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the heat, users should always take care not to burn themselves.

Aside from getting rid of grease and oil, hot pressure washers are popularly used when cleaning during the wintertime. Extremely low temperatures mean frozen water lines or slow cleaning if you only use cold water. Hot water pressure washers will, obviously, get things done faster and more effectively.

This type is also best for food establishments that need to follow stricter regulations in terms of cleaning and disinfecting. Food processing plants and restaurants definitely benefit a great deal from hot water pressure washers.

The downside to hot water units is that they are costlier to rent compared to cold-water systems. And because of their larger size, they might be more difficult to transport and operate. Operating it needs to be done carefully as well in order to avoid accidents.

Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washer

If your business area is in a remote location, a trailer-mounted pressure washer can be the most efficient option. This will be able to reach the area more conveniently as they are self-contained machines ideal for on-site cleaning. Because of their mobility, they won’t pose too much of a problem in reaching industrial locations that are considered out of the way.

Trailer-mounted units will come with water tanks and many rental providers offer customizable units for various types of cleaning jobs. They are especially useful in farms, oil fields, military bases, ranches, and other remote factories.

Due to the flexibility and large setup, expect that renting a trailer-mounted pressure washer will cost a bit more.

Pressure Washer Rental Considerations

As you can see, there are a variety of pressure washers available for rent. Make sure to fully consider your needs and budget before proceeding with a rental.

Most rental companies provide their units for rent on a daily basis. 5-day or weekly packages are often available as well. It is often on a first-come-first-served basis, so it is best to schedule your rental well in advance. This will help you obtain the best machine for your needs as well. It is also important to rent pressure washers from a reputable company that offers nothing but top-notch units. As for which machine brands to look out for, Landa and Hotsy are among the best options. These are quality units that are powerful and flexible enough to accommodate most cleaning jobs.

For businesses within Colorado Springs and Denver, PSI Systems offer excellent pressure washers for rent. We have all of the types mentioned above. You can rent surface cleaners from us at a rate of $75 daily. Cold-water units are available for $125 per day, hot water units at $199 per day, and trailer-mounted units at $299 per day. We also have 5-day rentals so message us if interested.

Give us a call to schedule your unit of choice through these numbers:

Toll-free number: 1-800-660-3386 or these numbers: Colorado Springs - 1-719-636-3388 Denver - 1-720-547-7490