Pressure Washer Repair Solutions in Colorado Springs

July 17, 2019

Your pressure washer can be one of the most useful tools in the garage. Because this tool is so powerful, it is no wonder many uses it all the time. The continuous use of your power washer can cause normal wear and tear issues to arise.

Let us take a look at 7 common problems you may encounter with your pressure washer and how you can deal with them to ensure they remain functional.

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Not Enough Pressure

Your pressure washer may not be as powerful as it used to be when you first got it. This could mean that the force the washer is exerting is not enough. There can be two possible reasons for this. One is that you’re using an incorrect nozzle piece. Second, the nozzle has probably worn out.

In order to correct these issues, you first need to replace the nozzle you are currently using. Ensure that you’re using the right size, too. Another solution is to see if anything is causing a blockage to the water flow. This is to make sure that the water is coming out properly.

Pulsating Pressure

If the pressure of your washer changes, this is caused by a faulty pump or that your washer sucked in too much air.

To solve this, all you need to do is to rid the machine of the air by pulling the trigger.

No Pressure At All

You may experience getting no pressure coming out of your washer at all. The reason for this issue is that your pump inlet valve or unloader valve is faulty, clogged or broken.

Check to see if they are clogged. If they are, clean them. But if they are not, you may need replacements already.

Rough Running

You may notice that your pressure washer is rougher. The reason for this rough running is the inlet water temperature is too high, making it too hot for your washer to handle. This issue also happens when your washer hose is exposed to the sun. This could also mean that not enough air is going in the inlet plumbing.

The solution to this issue is to first, make sure you have the right amount of air entering and the correct temperature of the water. You can also check the filters to see if they need replacing. You might also have to call a Colorado pressure washer service and repair company to ensure professional servicing on your device.


If you notice any leaking in your pressure washer, it may be time to get a new seal. First, identify where the leak is, then get a new seal for the appropriate place.

If you notice oil leaking instead of water, the same rule of thumb applies. Check which seal is leaking then have it replaced.

Shut Down

If your washer shuts down for no reason, it could be because it ran out of oil or fuel.

To fix this, just refill the oil and fuel regularly.

Washer Does Not Start

If refilling the oil and fuel did not work, check the primer pump. Pump if with fuel for at least 6 times then start it up 3 times. If this still does not work, wait a few minutes before running the choke on full blast.

Getting Pressure Washer Repair in Colorado Springs

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