Pressure Washer Repair Services to Take the Pressure Off Your Business

October 16, 2020

No matter how you use the pressure washers in your business, there will be times that these machines will not function optimally. When that happens, frustration sets in, and cleaning will be delayed. That can further affect your business operations, negatively impact clients, or delay shipments. That is why it is imperative to have those pressure washers repaired right away.

But what type of pressure washer repair service should you choose?

Motor Repair

When a pressure washer’s motor chokes off, one of the symptoms will be low pressure. And without that pressure, what use would a pressure washer be? In this instance, a motor repair service is immediately required. While there are DIY solutions to this problem, working with repair professionals is still highly recommended.

There might be parts that have been broken or worn out. If they are not properly replaced, then other parts of the machine will be affected. That will just lead to more problems down the line and it might be that the pressure washer will become unserviceable entirely. You will then be forced to fork out more money to buy new parts or a new machine.

To avoid all of that headache, consult professionals to fix a washer’s motor problems. The motor can be considered the heart of the machine and, therefore, is a delicate thing. You won’t trust a physical therapist to operate on your heart problem, would you? So do seek the help of pressure washer repair experts.

Pump Service and Repair

Another common cause of low-pressure issues is problems with the pumps. Most of the time, this is due to dirt blocking the pump hose, nozzle, or lance. Depending on where the blockage is concentrated, a replacement will be needed.

It is important to make sure that the replacements are the right size and fit. Otherwise, the problem will persist. The best approach is to have the exact part replacement designed for that particular brand pressure washer. Any repair service company that is worth their salt will carry parts of a wide range of pressure washer brands. Going to them for repair assistance makes sense so that you don’t have to wait for a long time for the repair and replacement to be done.

Stopping Leaks

A pressure washer is a machine designed with various seals in various parts to help maintain the high water pressure without the water getting into the machine’s interiors. Unfortunately, after prolonged use, those seals can fail, and water leaks inside. Now we all know that water circulating in a machine that uses electricity is a huge problem. Leaks, therefore, are a major issue and the tiniest seepage must not be ignored.

On top of that, water leaks are not the only problem. Oil leaks can be a headache as well. Pressure washer owners must therefore carefully check the machines regularly for leaks and any broken seal must be repaired to avoid further mechanical damage.

Inlet and Discharge Valve Cleaning and Repair

If you notice that your pressure washer is pulsating too much, then something is definitely wrong. This is often caused by a too-dirty inlet or a discharge valve that has been blocked with dirt. These areas need to be cleaned thoroughly and the cleaning should be done regularly as well. However, if you are not confident with the cleaning process, then you can approach a repair professional as they will know how to do this properly.

Those pressure washers with wooden parts need special attention. If the pulsating problem becomes too much, those wood parts will splinter and can cause an accident in the workspace. If the splinters are small, they can be the cause of the inlet and valve blockage.

Another area to look into for pulsating issues is the plunger. If the inlet and valve are clean then the plunger might be what is causing the problem. Once again, you can approach an expert repair service team to help with this.

Tune-Ups for Burner Systems

Hot pressure washers come with burner systems, which is needed to heat up the water after leaving the pump and unloader. These burner systems generate heat by burning fuel, which is usually oil. An oil nozzle and oil pump pressure control the fuel amount. With all these, it is obvious that burner systems are delicate parts of the machines.

Any trouble in these areas can cause overheating, smoke coming out of the machine, and flames may flare up. To avoid major accidents, a regular burner system checkup is needed. When there are issues, no matter how minor, they should not be neglected. Some parts may need replacement or the whole system may need tuning up to keep the machine in top shape.

Overall Preventative Service and Maintenance

Pressure washers are a wonderful invention that makes cleaning and other industrial processes so much easier. Any business that use them can easily recognize their value. That is why they need to be maintained and kept in good shape. Malfunctioning ones can lead to big accidents that can endanger the whole business area and its employees.

To avoid a huge problem down the line, preventative service and maintenance should be conducted on a regular basis. Your pressure washers should be checked as a whole around twice a year. Certain parts should be inspected and maintained after every 5-6 uses.

Through preventative maintenance, your business can prevent dangerous accidents and save money from purchasing new machines again and again.

Full-Service Pressure Washer Repair in Colorado Springs

For business owners facing pressure washer issues in Colorado Springs, PSI Systems offers full-service pressure washer repair and maintenance. You can drop off your machine and we will service it on that same day. Alternatively, you can set a local service call appointment. We will send one or two service technicians over to your place of business within 48 hours to resolve the issues.

We also carry parts for popular pressure washer brands such as Hotsy and Landa. When parts replacements are needed, we got you covered.

Call us via our toll-free number: 1-800-660-3386 or these numbers:

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