5 Secret Tips on How to Keep Your Pressure Washer in Top Condition

December 04, 2019

The last thing you want for your equipment, machines, and tools is to fail when you need them most. Thus, you need to keep them in top condition at all times. For most people, they treat their pressure washers as an investment for their home maintenance or business use.

Like any type of investment, you need to take care of your pressure washer so they can last longer and work efficiently for you. Not sure how to do it? Here are some tips from the best companies that offer pressure washer rental in Colorado Springs.

How to Maintain Your Pressure Washer for Smoother Performance

Tips to maintain your pressure washer. (Image Source: Which)

Always Check the Oil

Prevent rust and freezing by keeping your pressure washer well lubricated at all times. You can use antifreeze or lubricants from the hardware.

Attach the can to the inlet, run it, and allow the water on the outlet to look soapy and full of lube. You can do this after every use, and especially during the winter season.

Use Compatible Connectors Only

Make sure you lubricate the pressure hose connectors as well. Remember that constant use will wear these parts out. You can use silicone-based lubricants for the hose connectors.

Also, make sure it’s compatible with the material, of course. The O-ring is also a crucial part, and without these, washing can be painstakingly difficult.

Use Fuel Stabilizers

For gas-powered pressure washers, make sure you use the machine with fresh gas, and never store your machine with gas in it. To help your engine last longer, you can use gasoline stabilizers with a new gas when starting it up.

Get a Longer Hose

Most pressure washers in the market right now come with a 25-foot cord. For some people, this is not enough. Thus, they constantly shut down their washer to move to a different area, and turn the machine back on again.

This can cause wear to the engine. PSI Systems Inc. recommends that you get the 50-foot cord so you can move farther from the machine and thoroughly clean any hard-to-reach areas and surfaces that you wish to clean.

Soft Clean Regularly

A pressure washer is composed of multiple parts. Many of these parts are delicate and need extra care. Thus, it is important to clean them regularly to prevent dirt and grime from causing damage to these parts.

When cleaning, make sure you don’t use heavy bleach and strong cleaning solutions. Most companies that provide pressure washer rental in Colorado Springs recommend the use of cleaning agents.

These must be specified by the manufacturer, as these are the safest solutions. For heavy-duty electric pressure washer, you can use foam cannon. For simple pressure washers, soft detergents can be enough, as they don’t come with a lot of chemicals.

Looking for Pressure Washer Rental in Colorado Springs?

How to keep your pressure washer in good condition. (Image Source: PSI Systems Inc)

Maintaining and caring for a pressure washer unit can be time-consuming and costly. You can turn to PSI Systems Inc. for your pressure washing needs as you can rent a unit whenever you need it. By renting, you can spare yourself from the hassle of maintenance and repair.

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If you are looking for a specific type of unit or brand, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help find the right equipment for your cleaning and pressure washing needs!