When to Get Professional Help for Pressure Washer Problems

July 15, 2020

Pressure washers are undoubtedly great investments for industrial and commercial use since they can effectively remove dirt, grease, algae, and other substances with efficiency. They also allow people to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Pressure washers are used in different industries to save time on cleaning. Image Source: Flickr

Moreover, pressure washers can save a great amount of time, energy and manpower costs. They are convenient to use, easy to store, and cost-effective. With proper and regular use, they can help landlords and business owners improve the curb appeal of their building and increase the value of their property.

However, just like any other equipment that is used regularly, pressure washers can develop problems as time goes by. These issues should be addressed as soon as possible so your business’ productivity won’t be jeopardized. Luckily, most of them are easy to resolve! Certain pressure washer problems can be fixed through DIY means, while others require the skills and expertise of professionals like us here at PSI Systems.

Pressure Washer Issues That You Can Solve

Most pressure washer manufacturers provide comprehensive user’s manuals. These are often highly informative and contain detailed troubleshooting guides for pressure washer problems, such as the following:

  • Low Water Pressure/ No Pressure
  • Spiking Water Pressure/ Pulsating Pressure
  • Unsustained Water Pressure
  • Water Leaking from the Pump
  • Motor Stops Running While in Use
  • Chemical or Detergent Injector Issue

When You Should Get Professional Help

Even if the user’s manual provides comprehensive information on how to fix basic issues, there are still times when the problem can’t be repaired no matter how much you try. In this scenario, your best option is to reach out to experts like PSI Systems.

Of course, you should get professional assistance if you encounter major pressure washer issues that are too complicated to DIY. Here are some of them:

Oil Leaking from Pump

This can be caused by loose bolts, in which case all you need to do is tighten the fitting. However, oil leaks can also be caused by damaged parts such as pistons or seals. In such a case, you will need a professional’s help to disassemble the pump, clean all the components, check for damaged parts, and have them replaced.

Excessive Noise

Your pressure washer can emit too much noise if the water intake is blocked or if there is not enough oil in the engine. In this case, all you need to do is to clean and remove the blockage or add oil to the engine.

However, loud and strange noises can also be caused by having too-low oil levels in the pump. If this is the case, you need to get in touch with specialists. They will disassemble the pump and add more oil to bring it to the ideal level. They will also check for other issues that can possibly cause your pressure washer to create too much noise.

Water in Oil

Take a look at the oil in your pressure washer’s pump. Does it have a milky appearance? If it does, water has probably gotten into the oil. This can be caused by worn seals or broken pistons that allow water to leak into the oil compartment. Repairing this issue will require the expertise of skilled technicians who will replace the damaged seals or repair the engine’s faulty pistons and other malfunctioning components.

Machine Won’t Start

If you are dealing with an electric pressure washer machine that won’t start, you first have to take several steps before calling your technician. Make sure that you actually plugged the unit, and check the electrical outlet where you plugged the pressure washer and see if it’s faulty. If you’ve taken these steps and your machine still won’t start, it probably has a motor-related problem that only a pressure washer expert can address.

Issues With Hot Pressure Washer Burners

The burner is the part that’s responsible for heating water in your pressure washer. With the help of air and electricity, along with kerosine or diesel, the burner produces fire in a chamber surrounded by tubes in which water circulates.

When hot pressure washer burners start to malfunction, you’ll notice a wide range of signs. The blower might stop producing flames or heating water, and you might see soot and/or excessive smoke coming out of it. Simple fixes can be done to address these concerns, but it’s not really recommended to repair pressure washer burners all by yourself since it can lead to property damage and even bodily injuries. Hence, it is better to leave the repair process to the experts.

Also, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable troubleshooting your pressure washers (even for minor issues), don’t hesitate to call skilled technicians. This way, you’ll stay away from accidents and injuries and keep yourself safe. You can also save more time and make your pressure washer functional again ASAP.

You should also get the help of the pros if you don’t have the right tools to perform troubleshooting and repairs. Sometimes, using the wrong tools can actually cause more damage to your units. The common tools used in pressure washer repair include hex or allen keys, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets and ratchet, hammer or rubber mallet, needle-nose pliers, and snips or utility knives. If you don’t have any of these in your toolbox, or if you’re not sure how to use them to troubleshoot and repair your pressures washer, it’s best to hire a reliable technician.

Other Pressure Washer Services That Require Professional Help

Burner System Tune Ups

This service is specific for hot pressure washers. It involves combustion tests, which only certified technicians can perform. Keeping your burner system in its top shape can extend the efficiency and life of your pressure washer and help you save on fuel costs.

Preventative Maintenance Services

It’s important to bring your equipment to professionals for preventative maintenance services at least once a year. This way, you can prevent issues that are caused by worn and damaged parts. You’ll also experience fewer interruptions to your business operations and avoid dealing with sky-high repair expenses (which are a possibility with poorly-maintained units).

In Need of Pressure Washer Experts?

If you are looking for skilled technicians to provide services and repairs to your pressure washers, we can help! At PSI Systems Inc., we are backed with experience and good reviews from our valued clients. By getting our professional help, you can make sure that your pressure washers will be useful for years to come.

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