How To Power Wash Your Wood Deck

July 10, 2019

One of the dirtiest surfaces you can find in your home is your wooden deck. It is usually situated outdoors. Exposing the deck to the weather and all sorts of outside grime. Unfortunately, removing grime from polished or treated wood can be a nightmare. One wrong step and you could permanently damage the material.

It is a good thing that the power washing service that we offer is here to help. Your wooden deck definitely needs a deeper cleansing. But, even though it is a powerful tool, it is gentle enough to not damage your wooden deck.

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Wood deck (Source: Pexels)

How To Wash Your Deck With A Power Washer

If power washing is not done right, you can chip and splinter your deck into pieces. To avoid this from happening, here are tips and tricks you can do to clean your wood deck without causing it harm.

Right Pressure and Correct Tip Usage

The first step is to choose the appropriate pressure recommended by the machine. It would be a good idea to first set it to a lower pressure then raise it to a higher pressure as you clean.

For wood that is soft, such as pine and cedar, the pressure should be set to around 500 - 600 pounds per square inch or PSI. For harder wood, it can tolerate more pressure so you can go up to 1,200 PSI but not higher.

Next, it would be wise to select a fan tip that has a 40 - 60-degree spread. If you do not have that yet, a rotating tip will do just fine.

Before you point the nozzle at your deck, make sure to test out the pressure first on another surface that is not easily damaged. Or at least, one with a similar material that you do not really need.

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Techniques in Power Washing

To make your washing experience better, here are some tips for you to apply. When cleaning your deck, make sure to click the trigger while standing far away from the deck. After, lower the nozzle 12 inches above the wooden deck’s surface.

The motion you should be going for is a sweeping one. Make sure to keep the distance of the wand to the deck at a consistent rate. Your movement should be coming from the house, going to the outdoors. So, outward motions.

The cleaning would be more effective, spray parallel to the boards of the deck.


When wood gets soaked in water, the fibers tend to raise. This is what makes the surface feel raw after power washing. This may cause splinters among other problems.

Sanding is the key to keeping your deck in great shape after an intense cleaning session. Some can just spot sand their deck, meaning they can sand parts here and there. But, if you are unlucky, you may need to sand the entire thing.

To re-seal your deck, it is recommended to use 60-80-grit sandpaper.

Finding Power Washing Help in Colorado Springs

Available machines

You may still be wary about power washing on your own. But do not worry, we are here to help you out.

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