Here Are the Best Tips for Pressure Washer Maintenance in Colorado Springs

August 07, 2019

Keeping your pressure washer in tip-top shape is one of the ways to ensure the equipment lasts longer. The washer pump is probably the most overused and abused part of a pressure washer, thus the need to give it a much-needed TLC.

Why is the pump prone to damage and failure?

  • It’s made up of pistons and valves that go through wear and tear with frequent use.
  • It’s part of a low-cost pressure washer that often has lower life expentancies than the more expensive counterpart.
  • It overheated because the washer was put in by-pass mode for a long time.
  • Cavitation occurred because the pump did not receive enough water when the pressure washer was turned on. A pump rated at 3.0 GPM (gallons per minute) must receive a supply equal to or more than the rating.

Give these conditions, proper pressure washer maintenance in Colorado Springs is a must, especially with the pump.

5 Tips to Better Care for the Pressure Washer Pump

Pressure washers are powerful tools designed for tough cleaning

Tip #1: Avoid Getting Contaminants into Your Pressure Washer Pump

Contaminants like small debris clog the valves, creating an unhealthy and dangerous level of pressure inside the pump.

If you discover contaminants in your pressure washer, remove them from the water tank.


Remove all attachments from the spray gun and crank up the water supply. Point the spray gun away from you and let the water out for 2 minutes or at least until the output is a steady stream.

Tip #2: Change the Oil Regularly

Replace the oil in your pressure washer once a month so that your pump will run smoothly. The oil prevents friction with the internal parts.

To do this, open the oil cap and pour out all the old oil into an empty container. Then, refill your pressure washer with new oil.

Tip #3: Don’t Use the Pressure Washer Dry

Water is important to your washer (Image Source: Pixabay)

Remember overheating?

If it happens with a low supply of water, imagine how bad the situation becomes without a drop of water. The pump will burn out dry as quickly as you can say burn.

This is because it has to suck in more air that will cause it to burn. When this happens, your best recourse is to hire pressure washer repairs in the Colorado Springs.

As a preventive measure, make sure to check that the tank is filled with water before you turn on the pump. You should also check for clogs since water not coming up at the right amount will have the same effect.

Tip #4: Make Sure to Lubricate Connectors for the Hose

It is important that you lubricate your hose connectors because it can easily get twisted when used. Use plumber’s grease instead of oil so the water will not wash it off easily.

Every time a connector looks dry, apply a new coat of plumber’s grease.

Tip #5: Use the Proper Cleaning Fluids

The correct cleaning fluids to use are those that are designed for power washers. If you are currently using general-purpose cleansing liquids, stop immediately. This can cause significant damage to your pump. It can also cause discoloration on the wheels of the pressure washer because they are made out of alloy.

Your pump should come with a recommended set of cleaning liquids when you purchase it, so make sure to use those. A small trick you can do to further maintain your pump is to make sure the pump is running clear water before shutting it down.

Find the Best Pressure Washer Maintenance in Colorado Springs

Whether it’s the pump or the entire pressure washer that needs repair, contact PSI Systems, a provider of reliable Colorado pressure washer service and repair. Learn more about our pre-scheduled maintenance so you don’t have to the dirty work.

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