Commercial Pressure Washing Services - Are They Worth It?

November 30, 2020

When traditional manual cleaning no longer removes grime and dirt from the insides and facades of buildings, it would be wise to opt for a commercial grade pressure washer.

Pressure washing is a way of efficiently removing soot, mildew, and other kinds of dirt within a building and its facade. These unwanted and unsightly blots do not only render homes, offices, and building exteriors unsightly, they could also harbor millions of microscopic disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, utilizes a water spray set at a high pressure to remove a myriad of filth from all sorts of surfaces like buildings, cars, and furniture.

Benefits of having a pressure washer

  1. It provides protection for building occupants, other users, and visitors against disease-causing microorganisms that might be hidden in the dirt and molds attached to surfaces inside and outside such buildings.
  2. It offers extended usefulness of a structure as it is freed of decay-hastening dirt. Pressure washing is a great way to lengthen the life of a structure because decomposition-causing microorganisms would be washed out.
  3. A building’s market value is maintained or even increased. As the usefulness of a structure is extended, its value is maintained or stabilized accordingly. In some cases, depending on other factors like its location, the structure’s worth could even increase.
  4. By using commercial pressure washers, the curb appeal or street view of a building is maintained, at times even improved. This will result in the structure looking attractive to customers or would-be buyers as the removal of unsightly dirt makes its color sharper and brighter.

There will be a decrease in future expenses in terms of cleaning and repair maintenance by avoiding unexpected damages or incidents and deterioration.

There are many ways to implement power washing in and outside building structures. These include buying your own equipment, hiring a maintenance service, and availing of pressure washer rental Colorado Springs.

If the cost of owning a pressure washer or a maintenance service by a cleaning professional could be too pricey for the average building owner, then availing of a pressure washer rental would be the most practical way to go. PSI Colorado Springs is a standout for this service, as can be gleaned from the testimonials of those who have experienced doing business with us along this line.

So, while your abode, office, or other structure is not yet experiencing any serious deterioration due to unwanted grime and dirt, it is wise to make a move now. Get to know the necessary steps to prepare for its cleaning through power washing technology.

How Often Should You Get Commercial Pressure Washing

Hiring a pressure washing service means spending money, of course. But this is an important investment for your commercial property to ensure that it looks good and stays in proper condition. Knowing the right frequency of using a commercial pressure washing service is vital. That way, you can maximize your investment and make a good impression.

How often should you pressure wash your commercial building?

How often do you need to use pressure washing on your commercial property? You might have asked this question before. Here are some guidelines to help you determine if it is time to call your pressure washing service provider:

  • Schedule a commercial pressure washing when the seasons change. Each season will have a different impact on your commercial building–whether it is winter or summer. Different debris or dirt can accumulate on the exterior of the structure. Pressure washing can help to eliminate those debris and dust to keep the property looking its best. This is an opportunity to give your building a once-over before the start of each season.
  • Schedule one according to the needs of your company. There are several factors that should be taken into account. For example, your location should be considered when deciding on how often you should conduct pressure washing on the property. Some locations are more exposed to debris and dust than others. Also, some cities or states have harsher winters or summers. Use your own judgment according to your physical assessment of the building. If you feel like you need to get commercial pressure washing, then you do.
  • Schedule a commercial pressure washing after a storm. Storms can cause great devastation to a property especially as it can carry with it plenty of dirt and debris. Make sure you hire a professional pressure washer so you can get rid of stuff and preserve the integrity of the building.
  • Schedule it if your building is within an industrial area. Debris, dust, and other particles are common in an industrial area. Buildings located in this area must schedule more frequent pressure washing compared to other commercial properties. A common example of this is a property located close to a construction site.

In the end, you can use your own assessment of how frequently pressure washing is required.

Commercial Pressure Washing from PSI Systems Inc.

There are plenty of benefits offered by regularly pressure washing your commercial space.

You may call or visit PSI Colorado Springs to discuss your situation and avail of the pressure washer service that best fits your needs.

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