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Cleaning with Full Steam by Kärcher

SGV 6/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Hygiene, non-stop.

The easy-to-use SGV 6/5 steam vacuum cleaner offers hygienic cleanliness. A single machine that is a steam cleaner and wet vacuum cleaner in one. With EASY Operation switch, secure accessory integration and hand tool for controlling the steam/vacuum function.

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Extremely user-friendly thanks to EASY Operation

  • One turn switch for all functions. Simple and quick handling, with no need for extensive training.
  • Self-explanatory symbols make the machine easy to understand and simplify operation.

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Handle with trigger for convenient function control

  • Time-saving, flexible, simple and direct control of the functions during operation.
  • Controls for the most important functions such as water/steam regulation and an on/off switch for the vacuum function.
  • Accessories are stored for easy access and protected against loss Carrying handle for easy removal of nozzle accessories.

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Cleaning without chemicals

  • Hygienic cleaning of hard surfaces without the use of chemical substances.
  • Dispensing with the use of chemicals protects the environment and saves costs.
  • Easy removal and disposal of dirty water without direct contact.

Technical Data SGV 6/5

Voltage 110-120 V
Steam temp/pressure 327°F (6 bar)
Tank capacity 1.3 gallons (5L)
Cable length 24.5” (7.5m)
Weight without accessories 86 lbs (39kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25” x 19” x 38” (640mm x 495mm x 965mm)


Product Order No. Description
SGV 6/5 1.092-003.0 Commercial steam cleaner and wet vacuum


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Cleaning with Full Steam by Kärcher

SG 4/4 Steamer

Time is money—particularly in commercial cleaning. The SG 4/4 steamer has an ingenious two-tank filling system allowing for continuous use. Steam cleaning can impressively remove up to 99.999% of bacteria without chemical. It is also ideal for cleaning kitchens and grout.

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Two-tank system

  • Fresh water tank can be continuously filled, saving time
  • Only part of the water is heated at a time, for faster steam production
  • Large four quart tank allows for long runtimes before refilling

VapoHydro system

  • Our VapoHydro system allows for steam level adjustment to suit your individual task
  • In addition to steam pressure, steam saturation can also be adjusted from full steam to hot water
  • Hot water jet dissolves even the most stubborn of dirt

Accessory storage

  • Store all sort of a variety of accessories on the machine
  • Small parts will not be lost in the storage compartment
  • Even the steam hose and wand can be stored on the machine

Hygienic cleaning

  • Kill 99.999% of bacteria with steam instead of with chemicals
  • Protect your guests and your employees by cleaning with water alone
  • Save money by using only water to clean

Technical specification and order numbers.

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